Eating and sleeping

From our own experience we know that nothing beats the well-deserved, warm food after an intensive hike. In addition to traditional South Tyrolean dishes such as dumpling soup and apple strudel, we offer contemporary variations of the Tyrolean cuisine too. All of our plates are prepared with lots of love in our tiny kitchen, using traditional cooking methods. For our overnight guests we serve a varied four-course menu in the evening, while during the day we cook according to our menu. In any case there is a suitable dish for all hungry climbers, hikers, every child and every adult.

Accommodation and rooms

Our refuge offers you several two bed rooms, and a 3, 4 and 6 bedroom. Correspondingly, twenty people can find the maximum sleeping comfort.

In respect for others, a hut sleeping bag is obligatory for everyone who wants to stay overnight. For each overnight stay a confirmed registration is necessary, since the sleeping possibilities are very limited. Nevertheless we want to assure our guests the largest measure of comfort and we hope you understand that such a homelike accomodation asks for mutual respect!